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      Ein weiteres Spiel von Platinum (Clover) Games ohne eigenen Thread:
      Alter Teaser: gametrailers.com/player/34062.html

      Bayonetta is a stylish and cinematic action game, directed by Hideki Kamiya.

      A witch with powers beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, Bayonetta faces-off against countless angelic enemies, many reaching epic proportions, in a game of 100% pure, unadulterated all-out action. Outlandish finishing moves are performed with balletic grace as Bayonetta flows from one fight to another. With magnificent over-the-top action taking place in stages that are a veritable theme park of exciting attractions, Bayonetta pushes the limits of the action genre, bringing to life its fast-paced, dynamic climax combat.

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    • • The names of Bayonetta's guns are Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme.Together, they're known as Scarborough Fair.

      • Enemies drop weapons, which Bayonetta can pick up and use for a limited time.One of this is a tuba, wich functions as a bazooka.

      • When Bayonetta jumps or double-jumps, gossamer butterfly wings temporarily sprout from her back.When she lands, dozens of tiny butterflies appear at her feet.

      • Bayonetta's outfit isn't actually leather despite the stitching you see in the CG art - It's magical hair that covers her entire body, and it's used in her attacks.The most powerful ones render her almost completely nude.

      • Similar to how Devil May Cry used red orbs, Bayonetta features angel halos as currency, wich you use to power up your weapons, unlock skills, or buy items.

      • When Bayonetta fires her guns, the bullets ricochet off walls, causing additional damage to nearby enemies.

      • Bayonetta's most powerful attacks summon a giant, smoky dragon or a giant, smoky stiletto heel out of the sky to stomp on her enemies.But again, it's not smoke that surrounds these summons - It's a hair.So, yes, that dragon is a giant, slithering hair dragon, and that stiletto heel is a giant, sexy hair boot.You have to enter specific button commands in order to summon the hair monster, though, adding an element of skill.

      • When one of these powerful summons exits the area, it's punctuated by the appearence of purple sparkles.

      • Control comes in the form of a shoot button, a punch butto, and a kick button.But you can purchase others, stronger combinations.

      • Bayonetta uses "Witch Time" - Bayonetta's sense become especially accute, and the environment (and enemies) around her slows down.

      • Sometimes, an onscreens button prompt appears during combats, wich means it's time to mash buttons in order to inflict extra damage on an enemy.Tapping the button fast enough results in over-the-top supermoves - such as guillotinedropping from the sky on your enemy (with predictable results) - called Torture Attacks.

      • Bayonneta ahs a spinning jump attack that fires her guns in 360 degrees.She can also perform a handstand and aim the guns on her feet at enemies.

      • Bayonneta also wields a katana, but Platinum Games won't reveal the name yet.You can charge this blade for a more powerful attack, which causes a heart to appear on the pommel.The heart beats as you charge it up, and dark fumes billow from the sword.

      • More weapons will be added and revealed closer to the game's release.Each weapon has a monster spirit, which makes it stronger, and the context of the combat situation dictates which hairy summon appears.

      • Miniboss battle: Angelic foe at the end of Big Little City zone.It's got some huge attacks courtesy of its giant two-handed ax - and this baddie pauses for a dramatic split second with every swing.Luckily, Bayonetta can jump over these attacks with or without Witch Time.Humorously, the giant miniboss has pathetically tiny angel wings, gold piercings, and the requisiet angel's halo.

      • A fine mist covers the ground during the miniboss battle, designed to create a "holy atmosphere".The battle ends with an onscreen button prompt, which summons a giant hair dragon who bites the angel miniboss in half.

      • The reward for besting this miniboss is a gold record with the descriptor "Angel Singing Voice" but we're not sure whether it unlocks a music track or some other feature.

      • Bayonetta has a huge chain and sickle that she uses for both ground-based and airbone attacks.

      • The right trigger button on the Xbox 360 controller shoots.Yuo can equip all four guns at once, or you can opt to swap out the pistols in her hands with the sword and use the guns on her feets as well.Certain weapons are specifically designed to be equipped on her hands, feet, or both.

      • Bayonetta has been in development stages for a year and half - work started a little after Okami shipped.

      • As Bayonetta attacks the enemy angel forces, she breaks of layers of their outer armor.

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      Sie drück dem Engel ihre in Latex eingepackten Geschlechtsteile in den Nacken und er greift sich an den Pimmel und pinkelt... gekauft

      Kein Latex, lies den Text :P

      Bayonetta's outfit isn't actually leather despite the stitching you see in the CG art - It's magical hair that covers her entire body, and it's used in her attacks.The most powerful ones render her almost completely nude.

      OMG 2x gekauft :attacke:
      "Ich bin ja Erzieher und daher egal was die Forschung sagt"

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    • Eine Übersetzung des Artikels von xbox-mag.net/article16092.html

      In the first paragraph he describes a cinematic. It's bayonetta in a structure in the sky(Or something similar) falling at rapid speed next to her is a mysterious ally and hundreds of angels. The duo fights the angels with a lot of great moves and the sequence ends there

      Note: for the first paragraph I didn't really translate I only summarized it. Thestructure made it kind of hard to translate it without loosing to much of it's sense and I'm kind of tired......

      To say that we were anticipating this presentation would be a huge understatement, Hideo Kamiya's(one of the best game designer of his generation) new game. From day one we knew we would see something special but we could never imagine something like this. Bayonetta is absolutely mindblowing, and I affirm this with all objectivity. Kamiya recently criticized ninja gaiden or any other action game and said that the genre hasn't changed much since DMC, if he said that it's because he can afford it.

      Visually bayonetta is one of the most beautiful game ever. This amazing art style reminds us of DMC because of both the enemies and the locations. There are some elements we can't ignore, a great fluidity even it's still months away from being released, fantastic animations and moves that surpasses both DMc and ninja gaiden in speed. Looking at bayonetta is a visual spectacle that proves that 3 years after the release of the 360 we are arriving at the next step.

      Bayonetta is a bloody game which probably won't help to give video gaming a better image, but this production has such a level of excellence that it's completely different from the run to the mill fps violence. Bayonetta guns on both her hands and her feet. She has also many other weapons like two katanas(one on each hand) shotguns on her feet and many other weapons. *He then explains the magic but there isn't anything new at all*

      After the scene, that doesn't only show the impressive visual but the fluid gameplay-cutscene transitions too, some questions were asked to Yusuke Hashimoto. He was asked about coop to which he replied no comment instead of denying it. The scenario was presented as surprising with the opposition between evil 'angels and good the witch and this inversion should be way more than just some original concept.

      Whatever happens, Bayonetta will be one of 2009 major titles. Kamiya platinum was already a great equation but when we had the chance to see this game we realized that it evolves a lot. It's great, especially considering what ex clover employees had to go through. That sega let them do the game the way they want is something that's very important both for the industry and 360 and ps3 owners who won't believe what they saw. We are still in shock.


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      Die Haare sind zum :kotz:. Was soll dieser dämliche Haarhügel? Damit versaut man die komplette Symbiose der Figur... Das wäre in etwa so, wie wenn man Megaman ein paar Lockenwickler angehängt hätte. Es schaut so lächerlich aus!

      Der Thread ist hier für dich zuende!

      Bayonetta Pre-TGS Clip mit Ingameszenen!

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