[PS4/PS5/PC/Mac] Death Stranding

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    • [PS4/PS5/PC/Mac] Death Stranding

      Sony Computer Entertainment Enters Into An Agreement With Kojima Productions

      The First Software Title Created by the Newly Formed Kojima Productions will be Console Exclusive to PlayStation®4 System

      TOKYO, Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that it has signed an agreement with Kojima Productions, a newly formed studio by the acclaimed game designer Hideo Kojima, to develop its first software title as a console exclusive to the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) computer entertainment system.

      "PlayStation®'s history is one of game innovation and great new franchises," said Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "Hideo Kojima has been a huge part of that history, and we are therefore delighted that he has chosen to bring his brand new project to life in partnership with PlayStation. We look forward to working with him on an exciting new game and warmly welcome him to the PlayStation family."

      "I will be taking on a new challenge by establishing my own independent studio, and I am thrilled to be able to embark on this journey with PlayStation, who I have continued to work with all these past years," said Hideo Kojima, Game Designer, Kojima Productions. "I cannot wait to deliver, with PlayStation, a game that will become a compelling franchise."

      SCE will continue to expand the world of PS4 to deliver entertainment experiences that are only possible on PlayStation.


      Da hat jemand keine Zeit verschwendet. Seit gestern ist Kojima offiziell nicht mehr bei Konami und heute wurd bekannt gegeben, dass man "PS4 console exclusive" an einer neuen IP arbeite. Im Klartext heißt das meistens, dass das Spiel auch für den PC, nicht aber für die X1 oder WiiU/NX erscheinen wird.

      Ich bin gespannt.

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    • Kojima Productions presents a Hideo Kojima Game. Directed by Hideo Kojima. Starring Hideo Kojima as Video Kojima with a voice over by Hideo Kojima. A new Hideo Kojima experience. Pre-Order now to get a HideI Kojima reference.
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    • Vit wrote:

      Kojima Productions presents a Hideo Kojima Game. Directed by Hideo Kojima. Starring Hideo Kojima as Video Kojima with a voice over by Hideo Kojima. A new Hideo Kojima experience. Pre-Order now to get a HideI Kojima reference.
      Starring Hideo Kojima!

      Bin echt überrascht dass es keine Kooperation mit Nintendo geworden ist. Da hätte der Typ seinen Narzissmus noch in nem amiiboo ausdrücken können :D
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    • The PlayStation Project is Top Secret:
      “I want to create something that’s what people expect, but at the same time will have something new that people haven’t seen before,” Kojima said, noting specifically that “it will be a complete game.”
      Yoji Shinkawa added, “We’ve been working on a franchise that is beloved and has recognizable characters. One of my big goals is, visually, with whatever characters we create, to go beyond that, to be more recognizable, more beloved. That’s definitely one of the goals I have when it comes to the art side.”
      For its first project, Kojima said, “I’m thinking smaller-scale, not too many people, and focusing on game creation at first.” From there, Kojima says it’s possible the studio could expand beyond games.

      Games Come First, But Aren’t the End:
      “I think that’s games” — video game development isn’t necessarily the only thing Kojima Productions is interested in long-term.
      “The focus is on digital content, so we could consider movies, animations, anything,” Kojima said. “But first I think people expect games from me. That’s where I want to put my focus. Once we have an established IP in games, something solid that satisfies people, then we can consider movies and videos.”
      Kojima reiterated once more that he’s still interested in working with his Silent Hills partner Guillermo del Toro, whether it’s a game, film, anime, or something else entirely.

      Exploring New Territory With Kojima Productions:
      “We’ll have more agility,” Kojima said. “We’ll be able to do things that are more edgy, preserving the quality we’ve had so far, while at the same time finding new challenges and exploring new areas.”
      Aditionally, Shinkawa will be overseeing the entirety of Kojima Productions’ art, including characters, concepts for the backgrounds, concepts for the mechs, and more.
      “One thing that’s different is I want to accept challenges and do things I wasn’t able to do before,” Shinkawa added. “I want to expand, on a personal level, the things I can do.”

      Kojima Productions’ Logo Mirrors Its Journey:
      “I’ve always loved astronauts, and [the new Kojima Productions logo] is designed so it can be seen as a medieval knight or an astronaut’s helmet,” Kojima said. “The concept is, with new technology and a pioneer spirit, we want to bring you to a new realm – within the digital world, I mean – we want to travel together with you to a new realm to which no one has gone before.”
      He continued, “As for the skeleton, we’re homo sapiens – people of wisdom – but we’re also homo ludens – people who play – and the concept behind this logo is that: With new technology and a pioneer spirit, we’ll deliver play to a new world.”

      The Studio Still Hasn’t Decided What Game Engine to Use:
      “We could go either way,” Kojima said, “whether it’s using an existing engine or making another engine. We’ll have to do some research before making a decision on that one.”

      Japanese Console Trends Aren’t a Concern:“I make games in Japan for a global market,” Kojima said when asked about his view of console sales’ downward trend in Japan. “As long as there’s a market out there in the world for making games, I’m not too focused on what’s happening in the domestic market in Japan.
      “However, because I make games for all the world, I want to make games that go to a global market. If there are very fun games are out there, I believe they will eventually find their way to Japan. People in Japan will start consuming them.”

      Both Kojima and Shinkawa Expressed Gratitude to Fans
      “One thing that happened through this period, the voice of the fans, the people who expected a lot, they gave me courage,” Shinkawa said. “They made me feel really good. I felt really gratified having worked so hard in creating games and doing the art I create. I want to correspond to the fans, to get back to them, and I think working again with Mr. Kojima is a great way to do this.”
      Kojima added, “I’ve been in this industry for 30 years. I turned 52 this year. I’m getting to a new start, and I am very confident. I’ll keep creating games until the day I die. Rest assured I’m making more games, something more fun, something you haven’t seen, and it would be great if I could count on the fans to support me in this.”
      Bluntman3000: "bin in mpnchtennünchrn"

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