ATARI VCS (ehemals Ataribox): neue Atari Konsole 2018

    • Diese Schlitzohren, die haben Sony und Microsoft mit dem frühen Price-Reveal ganz schön in den Schwitzkasten genommen.
      Ihr fragt euch warum Sony den Preis der PS5 noch nicht veröffentlicht hat? Jetzt wisst ihr es: die kleinen Fische warten alle auf den Atari VCS!
      Das müssen die beiden jetzt auch erstmal unterbieten können, denn eins steht fest, bewegt man sich ebenfalls um die 300$ kann man gleich einpacken, denn dann kann man auch gleich zum Atari greifen.

      Ich sehe jetzt auch den Streaming-Push von Microsoft mit anderen Augen: von den Hardware-Verkäufen her wird man klar unter dem Atari VCS liegen, mit etwas Glück vll. auf Intellivision Amico - Niveau aber selbst da wäre ich mir nicht so sicher.
      Durch den Streaming-Dienst könnte man die hauseigene Software aber immerhin auf dem Atari VCS streamen und so zumindest wieder ein Stück vom großen Kuchen abbekommen.
      Es bleibt spannend.
    • - Atari today announced a partnership with Game Jolt, the largest community for indie games and the people who make and play them, that will bring some of the best and most creative indie games to the Atari VCS PC-based hybrid platform. Under the partnership agreement, a curated list of games incubated on the Game Jolt platform will be brought to market on the all-new Atari VCS™ PC/console hybrid. Notable games that first emerged on the Game Jolt platform include: Bendy and the Ink Machine and FNaF World.

      Game Jolt is one of the largest and fastest-growing social community and game distribution platforms in the world. 140 million people have accessed Game Jolt to play, follow, and talk about games. With hundreds of thousands of creators from all corners of the world — ranging from young developers in their teens to large studios with millions of dollars in revenue — there are over 135,000 playable games currently available on Game Jolt.

      Game Jolt is a proven incubator for video games, helping individual developers and small studios share games under development with the Game Jolt community in order to get feedback that helps them to refine their games and prepare them for a market launch. The Atari VCS Store will feature a “Presented by Game Jolt” section to highlight titles from the platform.

      “Atari is committed to bringing the creative work of small studios and independent developers to the Atari VCS platform,” said Michael Arzt, COO of Atari VCS & Connected Devices. “Our partnership with Game Jolt will ensure the creative efforts of the Game Jolt community can find a home and reach an expanded audience on the Atari VCS.”

      "We have built Game Jolt to better highlight indie games and bring global opportunities to indie studios. Through our partnership with the Atari VCS platform, we're excited to extend our current reach into the family living room," said Game Jolt CEO Yaprak DeCarmine. "We are excited to be publishing games hand-picked from Game Jolt to the Atari VCS."

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      Let´s Race again...
      #1 Blacklist on Xbox & Xbox360
      #6 Blacklist on PS2
    • Eigentlich ist ein richtig attraktiver Ramsch nur wahrscheinlich, wenn die mit einer Einzelhandelskette zusammenarbeiten. Aktuell sind das Walmart und GameStop, die uns hier in Deutschland nicht so 100% zuverlässig weiterhelfen werden. Trotzdem besser als bei Direktvertrieb. Da ist es wahrscheinlicher das am Tag X einfach das Licht ausgeht und das wars. Aktuell können wir zumindest auf lokale Schnäppchen hoffen....

      Edit:..., wobei man davon ausgehen muss dass kein deutscher GameStop davon Unmengen ordern und auf Lager halten wird.

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    • - "Sony presents its newest star."
      - "Playstation 5!"
      - "Just like the latest arcade!"
      - "8 Core custom CPU!"
      - "Let me show you the XBox Series X!"
      - "Wow, check it out! Forza Horizon!"
      - "So long Don Mattrick."
      - "Nintendo Switch, new Zelda, it's my turn! You can play in a vast open world!"
      - "Alright! I'll just juuuump~ to the last Super Mario Level."
      - "Look out for Metroid Prime!"
      - "YEAH!"
      - "But guys, who buys the Atari VCS for 300 Dollar?"
      - "Luther the Atari fanboy buys the VCS."

      Luther: "Hö!Hö!Hööhöhöhöö!"
    • uii, auf der Kiste wird u.a. gar der Xbox Gamepass Stremaing Dienst funktionieren!

      The iconic retro video game brand and interactive entertainment producer — today announced that Google’s Stadia, Amazon’s Luna, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming services are all accessible on the Atari VCS Videogame Computer System. The Atari VCS is the only first-party gaming device that offers direct access to all of these streaming services, thanks to the power of its built-in Chrome browser and PC architecture. These major cloud game services offer numerous AAA titles from a wide variety of publishers and further extend the broad range of retro to modern games playable on the Atari VCS.

      “The Atari VCS team is thrilled to deliver all of the leading cloud gaming services to our users at one time and in one place,” said Michael Arzt, Atari COO of Atari VCS and Connected Devices. “Many fans have been accessing these services on their own and asking for direct links for some time now. We actively strive to satisfy their various requests and will continue to add more exciting new features as we keep moving the VCS platform forward.”

      Atari VCS users can easily access the cloud gaming services for free in the Atari VCS Store. Currently, all of the services can be played on the VCS with Atari Modern Controllers in USB wired mode, with wireless support coming at a later date. Users may use wireless Stadia, Xbox, and Luna controllers with the respective services in the meantime. Subscriptions are required for each individual service and the Atari VCS Companion mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play) or a mouse and keyboard will be needed to sign in the first time.

      The Atari VCS also ships with Antstream Arcade, the leading retro game streaming system, which gives users access to more than a thousand home and arcade classics. Antstream on the VCS has several unique Atari games and features and supports both wireless and wired play with the Atari Classic Joystick and Atari Modern Controller.

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      Let´s Race again...
      #1 Blacklist on Xbox & Xbox360
      #6 Blacklist on PS2