[PC/PS4/XBO/SWI] Golf with your Friends

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    • Golf with your Friends macht den Sprung auf Konsolen

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      Team17 and Blacklight Interactive are excited to announce Golf With Your Friends is making its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ in 2020.

      It’s time for some genial group golfing. With 12-player online multiplayer, golf has never been this social from the comfort of your own home! More than 10 levels await, shoot for the pars in tranquil forests, haunted houses, and even venture into space to hit the perfect swing. Golf With Your Friends is currently available on Steam Early Access.

      - Friendly competition: Players can ‘putt’ their skills to the test against 11 people in online multiplayer.

      - Golf, with a view: Normal golf greens are so last year, Golf With Your Friends offers more than 10 unique courses, each with their own theme and location.

      - Super-powered golf: Players can hinder their friends progress with powerups available in custom game modes. Throw down honey, turn their ball into a square, or freeze them on the spot to take the lead and drive a wedge between friends.

      - Multiple game modes: Sometimes golf is just golf, and sometimes it’s golf with a basketball hoop or a hockey goal – both game modes are available alongside the classic mini golf mode.

      - Fabulous golf: Rock the fairway in style, with unlockable skins, hats and trails for the golf balls.

      Kailan Clark, Lead Developer from Blacklight Interactive said:
      “We are thrilled to announce Golf With Your Friends is making its way onto consoles. We’re excited for players to get their hands on our game and have fun playing golf with their friends!”

      Max Everingham, Head of Publishing Team17 said:
      “After the amazing success of Golf With Your Friends on Steam Early Access, Team17 is excited to offer you the chance to play crazy golf with up to 11 of your friends on console”

      Der beste Grund auf einen Berg zu steigen ist..... weil er da ist!

      James T. Kirk
    • Golf with your Friends - Releasedatum

      Dieser Beitrag wurde von den Benutzern als News markiert
      Katze aus dem Sack - ab dem 19. Mai geht es auf allen Plattformen zeitgleich los.

      Pre-orders are also now open for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One owners; those who do pre-order the game will receive ‘The Caddy Pack’ downloadable content, which includes a selection of hats and floaties for further ball customisation. PlayStation 4 gamers won’t miss out on the DLC; a ‘launch edition’ of Golf With Your Friends will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store for a limited time of two weeks from launch, which will include the content.

      The Caddy Pack DLC
      • Triceratops hat
      • Goose floaty
      • ‘Beanie’ propeller hat
      • Rowboat floaty
      • Teacup hat
      • Australian ‘slouch’ hat (outback-style hat)

      Today’s announcement follows last month’s Steam Early Access release of a new 18-hole course set in a volcanic world. Featuring new hazards to overcome from the tee off, the course will be available for all console versions from launch.

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      James T. Kirk
    • Das Update auf der Switch ist quasi gleich groß wie das Game selber. :lol: Frag mich immer, was Publisher da machen, bzw. ich hoffe, dass Nintendo in der Zukunft mal eine Firmware raus bringt, die das anders regelt, jedenfalls bei rein digitalen Käufen.
      "Der Spiegel ist schon lange nicht mehr das, was er nie war."
    • Team17 and Blacklight Interactive have today released Golf With Your Friends onto Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with PC players also getting the full release after a period in Steam Early Access. Golf With Your Friends is also available from today with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass for Console, and will be coming soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta). Today’s launch brings – for the first time in a mini-golf game – simultaneous gameplay for groups of up to 12 players, as well as a slate of new features not previously seen during Early Access, including a new camera system.

      Key Features:

      - 11 courses: Players can tee off on a variety of courses, including a volcano, prehistoric putting in the museum, and even an intergalactic round in space!
      - 12-player par-ty: Play with up to 12 friends in simultaneous putting action
      - Game-changing effects: Power-ups and surreal effects change the game of golf in major ways, from warped gravity to misshapen balls and everyone’s favourite – ball collision!
      - Wacky game modes: Explore outside-the-box challenges aside from the traditional game of mini-golf, including Golf With Your Friends’ takes on hockey and basketball
      - Make the ball your own: Customisation options include skin, hats, and trails to personalise the golfing experience

      Der beste Grund auf einen Berg zu steigen ist..... weil er da ist!

      James T. Kirk
    • Team17 and Blacklight Interactive are today launching a brand new course for Golf With Your Friends, the minigolf game with zany simultaneous online gameplay for groups of up to 12 players. Available for free on PC and consoles as part of a new update, The Deep takes players into the inky depths of the sea, where a fresh new set of 18 holes – and sea creatures – await. Golf With Your Friends will be taking part in the Steam Halloween sale, which begins tomorrow, where it will feature a spooky 33% discount for a limited time.

      No underwater course would be complete without sunken treasure, and players will also witness giant sea creatures, fully-functioning cannons, and even a Kraken or two, all of which may help or hinder player progress along the way.

      Der beste Grund auf einen Berg zu steigen ist..... weil er da ist!

      James T. Kirk
    • Team17 has released three premium Golf With Your Friends DLC packs, available for purchase now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The ‘Bouncy Castle Course Pack’ contains a new course, offering up 18 bouncy castle themed holes, with inflatable obstacles, spinning platforms, and countless challenges for golfers to test their putting prowess, plus a new floatie, trail, and stickers. As an added bonus, only the person hosting the lobby needs to own the Bouncy Castle Course Pack for all players in the lobby to be able to play the course. The ‘Summer Party’ and ‘Racing’ Cosmetic Packs are also available, and contain a selection of hats, floaties, stickers, and trails for players to swing in style with.

      Der beste Grund auf einen Berg zu steigen ist..... weil er da ist!

      James T. Kirk