[PS5/XBO/SWI] Kingdom Majestic

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    • Kingdom Majestic für Ps4, Xbox One und Nintendo Switch angekündigt

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      This compilation features the 2016 game Kingdom New Lands and the 2018 Kingdom Two Crowns and will include all content released for both games since their original launches.

      A critically acclaimed and massive commercial success, the Kingdom franchise is beloved for its innovative gameplay based on a minimalistic 3 button mechanic, stunning pixel art, and an evocative soundtrack. Veteran rulers also know that feeling of cold sweat caused by the creatures of the night threatening your kingdom from dusk to dawn! For these reasons and many more, the Kingdom franchise won the Gamescom Best of Indie Arena award and was picked by Destructoid as one of their favorite games of the show.

      The publisher Microids - under its new games label «Microids Indie» - is joining forces with publisher Raw Fury to bring Kingdom Majestic to the people! Playable in both single-player and split screen two-player modes, co-op online (PS4/XBO) or offline, Kingdom Majestic is being unveiled today with a logo and key art.

      «The Kingdom series has once again proved to us that pixel art and 2D still can bring some freshness and innovation. Strategy games aficionados will be delighted as Kingdom embodies the best of the best of what indie devs have to offer.» says Vincent Dondaine, VP of the Microids Indie label.

      The Kingdom Majestic bundle will be available in two editions: Standard and Limited.

      The Limited Edition will be available in Europe and will include:
      The games
      A lenticular in 3D
      A sleeve
      Artworks which can be combined to represent a map
      The games original soundtrack
      A double-sided cover

      The Standard Edition will be available in the United States and will include the full game and a reversible cover, soon to be unveiled.
      Do you have what it takes to keep your prosperous kingdom afloat
      and prevent the Greed from stealing your crown?

      Kingdom Majestic is the first title published under the «Microids Indie» games label created at the end of 2019. The label’s goal is to help indies and small studios to bring their game to market thanks to the Microids know-how in terms of publishing, marketing, communication and sales.

      By betting on indie studios creativity, Microids wants to expand its reach and offer new experiences to its existing community! The French publisher is proud and happy to kick start its new label with this beautiful partnership.

      About Kingdom
      You are a monarch and your goal is to grow your burgeoning kingdom while protecting your loyal subjects and your crown from the Greed!

      During the day, you’ll travel the land atop your mount to recruit troops, order the construction of new buildings, and fetch your precious gold. At night, hordes of Greedlings will attack from both sides of your kingdom to break down your walls and steal your crown.

      Kingdom’s gameplay revolves around the management of funds which is vital for any type of action a player can undertake like recruiting new subjects, assigning them tasks, building or enhancing any structure, and unlocking new mounts, NPCs, and lands to explore.

      Der beste Grund auf einen Berg zu steigen ist..... weil er da ist!

      James T. Kirk