[PC] Suzerain

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    • Textbasiertes, politisches RPG Suzerain für Steam angekündigt

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      Könnt ihr erfolgreich die politischen Geschicke eines ganzen Landes leiten und auch mit den Konsequenzen leben? Dann ist womöglich Suzerain etwas für euch.

      Lead your nation as you navigate the political machinations driven by conversations. Beware or embrace corruption; shirk or uphold ideals. How will you lead?

      Someone once said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. As President Rayne, lead Sordland into ruin or repair in this text-based role-playing game. Navigate a political drama driven by conversations with your cabinet members and other significant figures. Beware or embrace corruption; shirk or uphold ideals.

      Suzerain is a deeply intricate political drama tackling difficult choices on issues such as immigration, healthcare, law enforcement, and more. Can you pull the country out of its recession? Will you meet the demands of your people for reform? You can't please everyone, and every choice will have its consequences. How will you lead?

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