[PC/XBO] Eternal Hope

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    • Eternal Hope - Indie Puzzle Plattformer erscheint im August 2020

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      Doublehit Games — an independent game development studio focused on mystical and emotional games — announced today their captivating adventure puzzle platformer, Eternal Hope. Launching on PC via Steam on August 6, 2020, and later this year on Xbox One, Eternal Hope explores the toil of life after — and during — death as you travel between dimensions in a quest to be reunited with your beloved.

      Inspired by the artistic stylings of Studio Ghibli and featuring beautiful environments and an intensely emotional storyline, Eternal Hope follows the story of Ti'bi, a boy who must travel between two dimensions in search of his lost love’s soul. Embarking on a journey filled with undying love and unwavering hope, players will use intuition and quick-on-their-feet thinking to find clever ways to overcome the many obstacles and puzzles in their path.

      “Eternal Hope asks that players deeply consider what they would do with everything on the line,” said Gabriel Oliveira, Director and Sound Designer, Doublehit Games.“ This is not only a video game but rather, an emotional and thought-provoking story brought to life with captivating artwork and mysterious characters. Eternal Hope is our most ambitious project yet, and we’re sure it will steal the hearts of players everywhere.”

      Not all love is created equal; Eternal Hope’s Ti'bi is on a highly unusual journey — one that he hopes will bring his cherished girlfriend’s soul back from the Shadow World, a purgatory-like realm. Granted the ability to travel between dimensions, he will use this power, along with a few helping hands from otherworldly beings, to solve puzzles that will ultimately lead him to his love’s final resting place in the great beyond. Visiting the Shadow World is no easy feat, however. With corrupted creatures inhabiting this mirror dimension, Ti’bi will make friends — and many enemies — along the way while unearthing ancient secrets, none of which were meant for the living to discover.

      Additional Key Features of Eternal Hope Include:
      Multi-dimensional Traveler: There’s no luggage check for this kind of travel — brace yourself for interdimensional exploration as Ti’bi travels between realms in order to rescue his beloved’s soul

      You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Make friends as you travel between dimensions, and use their helpful skills and resources to overcome the obstacles you’ll encounter on your journey, but be careful — not every soul has good intentions!

      Blast From the Past: As you venture out on your journey both into the Shadow World and the world of the living, you’ll discover secrets of the land and the ancient ones that dwell there. However, secrets of your own past will also surface; forget the ghoulish beasts that lurk in the shadows — can you face your inner demons?

      Voted “Best Brazilian Game” by IGN at Brazil Game Show (BGS) 2019, Eternal Hope won the hearts of fans and critics in its home country.

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    • Es gibt einen neuen Feature Trailer mit dem Fokus auf die Mechanik der "Shadow World" im Spiel.

      The Shadow World, a purgatory-like realm, is a mirror dimension that serves as a portal between the living and the dead. In Eternal Hope, the delightfully shy yet determined Ti’bi is granted the ability to travel between the real world and the Shadow World on his quest to be reunited with his lost love. Environments in the real world do not perfectly mirror those in the Shadow World, and for some challenges, Ti’bi will have to cross its threshold in order to progress.

      Haunting creatures called the An’mu dwell in the Shadow World, and these stoic creatures play an essential role in Ti’bi’s journey as they help him to solve puzzles, travel, offer him protection, and more when all hope seems lost. Some An’mu, however, are not as kind. Having lost their souls, these savage and fierce beasts pose a great danger to Tibi’s journey and should be avoided at all costs. A friendly face may quickly become a dangerous foe. After all, there is always more than meets the eye in Eternal Hope.

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      James T. Kirk
    • Today, the developers are taking a deep look into the Shadow World, revealing more about the mysterious and haunting creatures that dwell in the murky realm.

      The An’mu are the ghostly inhabitants of the Shadow World, and while all of them seem menacing at first glance, that’s hardly the case! In the video, the developers detail these creatures and their role in the protagonist Ti’bi’s love-fueled journey through dimensions.

      While the presence of a mask on a stranger may invoke feelings of distrust and uncertainty, the exact opposite can be said of the An’mu. While wearing their protective masks, the An’mu demonstrate that they are friendly allies willing to help Ti’bi on his journey. Through complex puzzles and hazardous situations masked An’mu can be used to make a quick escape or progress through a level otherwise inaccessible to Ti’bi. On the other hand, an unmasked An’mu should be avoided at all costs — their exposed appearance means that their souls have been corrupted and they will viciously attack Ti’bi given the chance.

      When encountering an unmasked An’mu, there is no chance of talking things out. Ti’bi has to decide whether he will run for safety or risk his life!

      Der beste Grund auf einen Berg zu steigen ist..... weil er da ist!

      James T. Kirk