Turrican II AGA - MS-DOS Port mit Original Amiga Charakter Sprite (v1.15 vom 03.02.2023)

    • Turrican II AGA - MS-DOS Port mit Original Amiga Charakter Sprite (v1.15 vom 03.02.2023)

      Muzza werkelt schon länger an einem MS-DOS Port für AGA Amigas. Die Demo Versionen waren schon fantastisch spielbar. 50/60Hz, CD32 Controller Support, verschiedene Schwierigkeitsmodes, Original Amiga Charakter Sprite etc. Vielleicht gibt es eine Veröffentlichung noch zu Weihnachten, mal sehen. :thumbup:


      • 50/60hz action. All worlds. All enemies. All bosses.
      • Reprogrammed from scratch.
      • Full use of AGA enhanced 24 bit / 256 colour modes.
      • The original games glorious music and sound effects.
      • Support for 2 button joysticks, CD32 joypads and user definable controls.
      • Three additional difficulty modes.
      • Built-in trainer mode.
      • Option to replace the DOS character sprite with the Amiga version.
      • Option to look down to see blind jumps.
      • Optional Gyro Jump controls enhancement.
      • Restored parallax to Worlds 2-1, 2-2, 3-2 and 4-1 (missing in the DOS version).
      • Restored animated cogs from World 4.
      • Restored waterfall and underwater effects from World 1.
      • Restored background scrolling in Worlds 3-2 and 3-3 boss fights.
      • Hiscores and options are saved (WHDLoad and A500 Mini versions).
      • Enhanced secrets. Find hidden drones and follow them. Find all 24 for a special gameplay unlock.

      Hardware requirements:

      • An AGA Amiga (A1200/A4000/CD32) or emulator.
      • 2MB of Fast RAM (floppy version)
      • 8MB of Fast RAM (recommended for WHDLoad version)
      • Or an A500 Mini


      PAL runs at 50fps, NTSC at 60fps. As with the original, the PAL
      version is the intended experience. NTSC versions run slightly faster
      and are more prone to slow downs during heavy action, but is still quite


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    • Schickes Update für v1.1

      v1.1 is now available for download.

      • Save game slots added (WHDLoad, A500 Mini versions)
      • CD32 ISO version (requires 4MB Fast RAM)
      • Two new game modes. Speed run and New Game+
      • Rebalanced all sound effect volumes
      • Lots more control options
      New features:

      • Options to set the music/fx volume added
      • Music menu
      • The life icon in the status bar uses the Amiga sprite
      • Press S to toggle in-game music
      • New control option to use Arrow Keys
      • Control option to turn off AutoFire
      • 2nd Fire button on joysticks can be set to control Lightning, Jump or Gyro/Powerline.
      • Sparkles added to title logo
      • Scrolling inertia updated to be closer to original game
      • Option to view Intro from menu
      Bug fixes:

      • Fixed a crash that mostly occurred in later levels
      • Fix for silver diamonds sometimes showing as yellow
      • Diamond sound effect fixed
      • Fix for HUD values sometimes not updating
      • Jump height is reduced in waterfalls
      • Waterfalls animate faster
      • Fix for super weapon
      • Hiscores now say END when game completed
      • World 2-1 boss can no longer be shot from above
      • World 2-1 big fish follows player up/down
      • World 1-2 end of level boss, brain flash is clearer + tweaked damage
      • World 4-1 small update to secrets
      • World 3-3 after ship is repaired, players ship lets off a shot
      • Fix for player being able to jump and get stuck in World 4-2
      • Fix for player being able to roll and get stuck in World 5-1
      • Fix when quitting the game when animated tiles are in the background
      • Fix to Time Out handling

      • New silver diamond sprite
      • Now defaults to using Amiga player sprite
      • Continues not allowed in Challenge mode

    • New

      Neue v1.15 ist draußen.

      • Fix for saved slots not always correctly saving lives, diamonds.
      • Player can use lightning whilst riding water/conveyor belts.
      • Story sequence text pauses to make it easier to read.
      • Minor palette tweak to Amiga player sprite to better match rest of game.
      • Using a Continue will now restart the current level, rather than the current world.
      • Joypad user defined controls allow shoot and lightning on the same button.
      • Laser has slower reloads during boss fights (to match original game).
      • Multiple shot weapon speed changed to matched original game.
      • Minor fix to gameplay sequence in menu (Walkers died too quickly)
      • Fix for getting stuck down W1-2 waterfall.
      • For for W2-2 exploit where player could stay outside of the screen bounds.
      • Fix to being to activate final lift when not fully on it.
      • Fix for underwater palette when using golden armour.
      • Fix for redefining joypad keys.
      • Fix if player manages to jump up to final boss without using lift.